E-40 vs the Notorious BIG (the untold story)



BigorangeFolks from the Bay may recall this incident..its E-40 vs Notorious BIG in the mid 90s when both were hitting hard and making noise for their respective parts of town.  As you watch this video keep in mind the back story to all this..First, many of y’all might not know how this was all playing out during KMEL Summerjam of 1995. Biggie had already been confronted by 40’s peeps  and 40 agreed to publicly resolve this by having Biggie appear with him on stage in a suprise appearance.  

Prior to the appearance Biggie did a set and was spooked. He showed up at summerjam and refused to get out and walk amongst the people backstage. Instead he insisted having a car drive him to the back of the stage. He got out and went through the curtain. During his set DJ Big Kap’s records kept skipping. This enraged Biggie who wound up throwing a bottle at him.

I asked Kap about this and he explained that Biggie was mad at him because he wanted Kap to use a dat tape and not real vinyl. Kap refused saying he wanted to keep things authentic, so when the records started skipping in the middle of each of Biggie’s songs he was understandably upset. He was already on edge because of the whole East vs West-2Pac vs Biggie situation

Unfortunately SummerJam got turned out that year before Biggie and E-40 could publicly make peace.  This was because  two other crews decided to kick up dust The Luniz and Too Short.  One of the Luniz people got smashed on by Too Short’s folks who had headlined the year before but for some reason was not invited back this year. The end result was Biggie and E-40 not performing.

-Davey D-

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  1. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Biggie’s dead because of some ignorant “Gang Banging” stuff. Method Man, I respect you and all, but its always been about who can rock a party, never about who “HIp-hop” could recruit to destroy the Black Nation. Let’s be real, great story how E-40 prevented some ignorant “gang banging” stuff on the west coast, but lyrically E-40 ain’t have nothing for Biggie. Perhaps destruction of Balck people – gang war mentality – backing him, but nothing new. Tongue Twister influenced cats like that, Biggie was original. Do I want to get shot? Listen to cassette tape “Rapologist Speaks ’94”. Before anybody got killed, if you had of listened you would know who can rap and can’t by now. Gangs ain’t never had nothing to do with Rap Music, its what white people wanted to add to foster the destuction of Black people. West Coast was just too ignorant to see that that.

  2. For Too Short & Luniz listen to Too Short song “That’s Why”. Talks about the beef & KMEL banning his records. Classic

  3. Interesting tale…

  4. BIG InFaMous says:

    checc it yo im only 16 and the whole west coast vs east coast shit was dumb Big and Pac shouldve just talked it out so both of them would understand what happened at Quad Studio if they did they would both be here and hip hop would still be live instead of some tight ass skinny jean wearin ass clowns real talk

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