Eminem Set to Shine Light on Unemployed Autoworkers




Plan is to fly 200 laid-off employees to L.A. for Friday’s taping.

*The audience for Eminem’s Friday appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” will include about 200 laid-off autoworkers who will be flown to the Hollywood studio from the rapper’s hometown of Detroit.
The artist says he and Kimmel want to remind everyone that real people are being affected by the struggles of Detroit’s auto industry. He tells the Detroit Free Press, through his publicist, that news reports ignore people who have lost their jobs without getting big payouts after dedicating their lives to the auto industry.

Eminem says he and Kimmel also want to show some of the autoworkers “a good time while we’re at it.”     

Slim Shady is promoting the upcoming release of “Relapse,” his first studio album in four years. He’ll also appear on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on May 19 and May 22.


  1. This is dope. Puts pressure on people…puts pressure on politicians. They should fly hella Iraq war vets with PTSD, missing limbs and brain damaged to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

  2. flavorblade says:

    We covered the auto industry bailouts at the political palace. We pretty much agreed that the bailout plan would do nothing to secure the jobs of the workers. It just guarenteed the company would be able to operate a bit longer. Layoffs and paycuts still went down and are continuing. The people at the top partyed, the people at the bottom still suffered.

    As awful as it sounds I felt it better to let whatever company that was going to die – die. Take a 10th of the money used for the bailout and open a special auto workers unemployment fund. Matching pay and health beneffits for two years and retraining/education options. The common man bailout.

    As it is now money gone, jobs gone, foreign competitors still reigning, GM and Chrysler still in troube. You can’t fix capitalist companies with socialist practices. Oil and water. It’s just putting us in more debt.

  3. This is great. Eminem has made some interesting political statements over the years, but they have been overlooked. I definitely support this.

    -Straight Gangsterism