Breakdown FM Interview w/ Music Industry Vet Thembisa Mshaka




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Breakdown FM Interview w/ Music Industry Vet Thembisa Mshaka

breakdownfm-logo-bluehue300We sat down and spoke with long time industry vet Thembisa MShaka who just released her first book ‘Put Your Dreams First [HYEB]. Its a abook that gives an important blueprint for women to follow as Mshaka interviews 90 prominent women from various fields within the entertainment industry.

During our interview we cover important topics such as; the early days of Bay Area Hip Hop and the role Thembisa and her all female crew from historic Mills College played in its development. We talked about the promotion and artist mangement companies the crew ran and how it was important for them to be business women who had impact as opposed to being performers

We talked about the importance of women being paid equal wages and how even in the entertainment field there is aserious pay disparity. We talked about the importance of getting a mentor and what to look for when seeking one out.

We also focused on some of the insights dolled out by some of the women featured including Vanessa Williams, Cathy Hughes, Monique and others. We also focuse on several key chapters to pay close attention to.. Here Thembisa gives up alot of game. We talk about the types of challnges women have when they move up the ladder to be all things to all people. On one hand they have male coporate bosses to answer to who are usually determined to keep a particular type of male centered culture alive. On the other hand you have women who want them to represent and bring about substantial changes -we discuss how one obtains a realistic balance.

We concluded by talking about the importance of paying dues and always striving to put your dreams first. Mshaka advises people to find a job that centers around the things you are passionate about.

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