Knaan Speaks the Real Truth About Somali Pirates


 A Conversation w/ Knaan About the Somali Pirates pt1

Knaan Speaks the Real truth about Somalian Pirates pt2


  1. We are a nonviolent women’s organization based in Minneapolis and oppose militarism and global oppression. Thank you Knaan for speaking the truth about western neo-colonialism, nuclear waste dumping on Somalia, and the so-called “pirates,” which you call the Coast Guard defense of your coastline. We join you in wanting the U.S., all colonial powers, and their proxies need to get out of Somalia and stop this terrible oppression and aggression against Somalia. We know U.S. Africom is involved in this and trying to demonize Somalians as terrorists. Defenseless women, children and elderly are the first victims of war and have suffered terribly. Now young Somali men are being picked up on the streets of Minneapolis by the FBI and Somali businesses are being ruined. We are ashamed of our country’s part in this and will speak against it.


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