Breakdown FM: An Intv w/ Oakland Freestyle King Mistah FAB (Son of a Pimp)

mistah-fabWe sat down with Oakland’s Freestyle King Mistah FAB who has just released his new album ‘Son of a Pimp‘… Here he talks about Oakland’s New Bay Rap scene and the direction in which it’s headed. He talks about the Bay’s independent hustle and his close relationship with the Late Mac Dre who was a Bay legend.

He also talks about the misconception that some have about street cats being able to flow on the mic. Mistah FAB makes no bones about his ability to rock the mic and take fools out.. If you don’t believe us talk to Jin who went up against Masta FAB and came away clearly understanding this Oakland Emcee is a ‘real problem’.

Mistah FAB also breaks down the meaning behind his album. His dad was a former pimp who died a few years back of AIDs. His mom is a recovering drug addict… and he has seen more then his share of death and hardships over the years. In spite it all Mistah FAB has kept it moving with a whole lot of flair and style.

Download and listen to Breakdown FM Intv

Download and listen to Breakdown FM Intv

Mistah FAB 2005 Interview